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Astral Components aims to be a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions! Astral Aims to grow from strength to Strength building quality partnerships with Supply Channels, Solution Providers, Customers and industry leaders Top Global Brands To Provide Wide Variety Of Components Focus on Distribution, Marketing And Design " Development Support to EMS .

Power Electronics

Astral Components is one of the fast growing Electronic Component Supply Group Which is Delivering the Value At Every Stage of Supply Chain. Astral Components has some Distribution/Supply Lines as well as functions as Independent Supplier for Global Sourcing & Kitting purpose

Lighting Electronics

Astral Components today is one of the preferred vendor for Lighting Segment, with supplies to Leading Lighting Manufacturers and major 2 Tier OEM/ ODM Manufacturers. Very Efficient, Competent, Strong, Genuine and Effective Sourcing through Direct Authorized Distributors/ Manufacturers/ OEM's for varied brands like- JINAN, TAIOHM, MAXIC TECHNOLOGY, HEL, SANPU. HONGLITRONICS, DACHANG SIYU, EPCOS, YAGEO, WEIDY, WALSIN , GOODARK , YUNXING, JILIN SINO, EVERLIGHT, EDISON, CT MICRO, UTC, FAIRCHILD, NXP, IR, TEXAS, ST, MICROCHIP, BOURNS, etc. Astral Components is A Efficacious, Powerful and Competent Solution and Kitting Organization providing the best value to their customers.

Telecom Electronics

The Company firmly believes in the concept of " Make in India " and offers its services for an effective components in supply chain. It further aims to provide "solutions", Magnetics, etc in addition to component supply for further increasing the successful execution across various designs for Tender as well as Market Requirements. ASTRAL ALSO FOCUSSES ON DISTRIBUTION, MARKETING AND DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT TO EMS We offer consolidation, Global Sourcing Support and USD billing Through Our Singapore Channel Partner.